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Wraparound Knee Bandage

Wraparound Knee Bandage

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I am incredibly grateful to you guys for this knee brace. It gives me stability, comfort, and no knee pain after work now. I love this brace. It stays in place! Once you get it on, it does not move. I love, love, love it! It's amazing and I'm no longer in pain. Thank you for making such a wonderful brace!"



  • With our knee brace, you will be able to eliminate knee pain while staying very comfortable!
  • Our knee brace is equipped with heavy duty double velcro straps that don't slip off your legs whatever your leg size is.
  • Walking around with it is also easy due to its high flexibility.


Make Sure Your Knees are in Top Condition When You're Active!

By wearing our Wraparound knee bandage , you can provide much-needed support to your knees while you are active.
Our Wraparound knee bandage lets you move confidently every time!

Wraparound knee bandage is fitted with double velcro straps so that it fits securely on your knees. Also, it's highly flexible, so you can move easily while walking, running, or playing sports.

Outstanding Support

This amazing Wraparound knee bandage provides support to people with active lifestyle or weak knees. It cradless your knee to minimize muscle tension and injuries.

Breathable Material

Even with its full coverage design , the KneeFlex provides you with a comfy wearing experience. This prevents your Knees from sweating excessively when on the move.

Durable Construction

Made with high-quality materials , the KneeFlex is set to provide your Knees with support for years. No matter how much it's stretched and pulled, the KneeFlex will remain in tact.


Versatile Use

Whether you're healing from an injury or playing sports , the KneeFlex is essential to your daily get up. Keep your Knees safe and strong with the KneeFlex.




  1. Loosen all the straps, open the knee brace, with the longer side facing up, and the silicone ring aligned with the center of the kneecap, and lay flat on the knee injury.
  2. Wrap the higher fabric band behind the knee and close it, and then wrap the lower fabric band behind the knee and close it.
  3. Pass the upper and lower pressure belts through the hook and loop in turn and close them.
  4. Adjust each pressure belt to achieve the best comfort and support.




How to choose the right size:

To find the right size for you, just measure your leg circumference 4 inches above the knee and use your leg circumference data against the size chart to choose the right size for your knee brace.


If you measure data in two sizes at a time, we recommend that you choose the next size.


99.8% of our customers recommend the Wraparound knee bandagewhich comes with a risk-free 30-day guarantee.

If for any reason you don't have a positive experience, we will do EVERYTHING to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

If you are not satisfied with the Wraparound knee bandage, we offer you our satisfaction guarantee.

 Each Product comes with a 30-day 100% money back refund guarantee. We care about our customers, if you have any dissatisfaction, please send us a message , we will do our best for you

We have 24/7/365 email support. Contact us if you need help!


Grab yours now, before they're all sold!




Anyone biking with this brace successfully?

Yes, I take a spin class 6 days a week and ride my rode bike with it. It gives me the extra support I need and it’s comfortable

My wife has a weak knee that goes out on her, she needs a brace that will keep her knee from bending, will this work?

This brace bends comfortably, but does support my knee and keeps it from roaming around. I need a knee replacement and this brace will keep me from having to have it done too soon.

Can this brace be worn on either knee?

Yes. The brace is not knee specific.

Does it have a strap that goes directly behind the knee or is your knee free to bend? Straps in back of my knee dig into my skin after wearing them.

It is very thick neoprene and it actually has two straps, one below the patella and one above. The straps go right around the leg and do not cross as is common with a lot of other knee braces. I don’t find the straps uncomfortable at all on this brace.

Can I ware over jeans?

Yes, you can wear it over or under your jeans. I even wear it over my leggings if I am out walking on the trails.

Is this the best Knee Braces brand? quality guaranteed?

I was supposed to have a total knee replacement on both knees til testing showed I am allergic to the materials in the replacements. I bought two of these braces to support my knees. They feel wonderful, easy to put on, stays put (doesn't fall down like other knee braces), and best of all the pains, pressure, and swelling are 99% gone. I would highly recommend these to anyone with knee issues

Can you sleep with this on?

I do sleep with the brace on at times. It is a quality built product.

Does this brace slip down as you’re walking?

No, it doesn't slip for me. Because it has two adjustable straps, you are able to customize it so there is no slippage as you walk.

Can you play golf with this brace?

Your could probably do any light activity wearing the brace. The only real restriction I found was a limitation on how much you are able to bend the knee while wearing the brace. But that’s a good thing I suppose…the point of having the brace is so that movement is somewhat restricted to prevent injury and provide support to the knee. Hope that helps.

Can it be washed?

Yes. Handwash in cold water but remove the metal insert first. Line dry before putting the inserts back in. Have done this several times now and it comes out great!

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