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Curtain Fairy Led Lights

Curtain Fairy Led Lights

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This curtain is sure to steal the show this holiday season.
Ideal for Christmas, wedding, ceremony, and other festivals and events!

Package content:
1 *  LED Curtain Light
1 *  NO Remote controller & batery.
Cable lenght: 2M

Width: 3M x Height: 3M-Contains 10 strings of 300 LEDs
Width: 3M x Height: 2M-Contains 10 strings of 200 LEDs
Width: 3M x Height: 1M-Contains 10 strings of 100 LEDs

1. Product low pressure, light string wear, lamp beads do not leak, string string waterproof
2. lamp beads do not heat, not hot, can be touched
3. Safe, high flexibility, easy and fast operation
4. Low temperature, long life, 360-degree lighting, low power consumption
5. The product is small in size, light in weight, takes the logistics and shipping.
6. 8 Modes:Combination;In Waves; Sequential; Slow-glow; Chasing; Fade; Flash; Steady

The light can easily build the festival or party you feel you desire; perfect for decorating your home / room / garden / etc.. Ideal for Christmas, wedding, ceremony, And other holidays and events!

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