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Mosquito Bug Zapper Indoor / Outdoor Electric Insect Killer

Mosquito Bug Zapper Indoor / Outdoor Electric Insect Killer

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Mosquito Zapper LED Bulb

Keep your home free from insects and mosquitoes with the Mosquito Zapper LED Bulb! It can also serve as lighting for your home! Mosquitoes are among the most dangerous types of insects. They may be tiny but they can cause serious health issues such as dengue and malaria. That’s why you shouldn’t be complacent when you know you have them in your home. There are lots of ways to get rid of them such as sprays, and coils. Yet, using sprays can expose you to harmful chemicals. Thankfully, this mosquito zapper bulb has a better solution.

Insect Killer

This product is a 220V LED bulb that you can also use to kill mosquitoes. It works by emitting light, aside from that of the main bulb, that attracts the mosquitoes. It then draws them to go near it and once they touch the surface, it zaps them. This kills the mosquitoes. This is a much better alternative to using aerosols because it doesn’t make your house smell bad. All it needs is an electrical source and it will always function. Also, with sprays, you’d have to find out for yourself where mosquitoes nest. But with this one, you don’t need to do anything but wait.

Easy to Use

The good thing about this bulb is that it is easy to use. You have to install it as you would with regular light bulbs. It has a power of 50 to 60 Hz. There are also two modes that you can choose from. First, you can choose to turn on the mosquito zapper but not the entire light bulb. But if you wish to light the room, you can choose the mode where both the main light and the zapper is on. Finally, you can choose from two base types for compatibility.

The Mosquito Zapper LED Bulb can effectively kill mosquitoes and other insects without hassle

It can also serve as a light bulb for home lighting; There are two modes to choose from

It is easy to install and use

Material: Plastic/ Power: 50 to 60HZ

Base Type Variants: E27, B22/ Color Temperature: 6500K

Size Variants (diameter): 80 mm, 90 mm

Package Contents:

1 x Mosquito Zapper LED Bulb

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